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The home stretch

So now I was into the home stretch.  I carried over whatever bits I thought were better based on the not very scientific basis of 'I prefer this to that'.  So I carried over the cam cover, the injector assembly, the throttle and plenum.  Of course I carried over the K&N filter and my plug leads.  I also transferred the starter motor over, but later discovered that the donor motor had a new one fitted a couple of thousand miles ago, so that was probably a mistake.  But I suppose I now have a spare. 
I swapped over the crank angle sensor (CAS) too, as 'Ricambi's had had a rewiring job done on it.
Me with the CAS
I put on new intake runner rubbers, new dizzy caps and rotors, new thermostat and new engine mounts.  The old rear-engine mount would not budge, so I ended up cutting a small section of it to get it to release.  Oh, and new belts too, of course.
I also fitted a brand new radiator from these guys AutoTeile-Muller.  Nice quality and swift reasonably priced delivery too.
Then it was just a service with oil, filter and plugs (NGK Iridium ones).  The old oil filter was a bitch to move but, on the other hand, access is considerably easier with the engine bay missing!
In this photo the motor is part-way through the process.  It's sitting in a sort-of homemade sump cradle to make things a bit more stable.  I later moved it to a proper engine stand hanging off one of the side mounting points.
Thanks to my other bro' for sorting out the engine mounting bracket for me.  This is the way Alfa say to mount the motor to a stand.  It looks all wrong, but works a treat.  Access is about as much as one could ask for.
Engine stand

So then it was just time to stick it back in :-))) and then twist the key and see....

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