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Happy Camper :-)

So, here's the hole waiting for a transplant.....

And the Lump

Engine in

And then the last few adjustments....

And then.....

 Man! was that thing LOUD with no exhaust attached!!!  Note the ANSA SS manifold.
So only a few minor water leaks to sort out and one minor electrical mis-wiring* and my baby was BACK ON THE ROAD :-))))

All in all a very satisfactory turn-out.

* Ahem!  As pointed out by my good mate Craig, the mis-wiring issue was relatively minor - if mind-bendingly stupid, but the finding of it, now that was a different matter.  Suffice to say it exercised a few minds for a while before I realized I'd plugged the water-temp sensor into the lead for the ISCV and vice-versa.

P.S.  As a minor addendum, and a virtual pat-on-my-own-back, three weeks after this job, Rachael sailed through our NCT (National Car Test) first time.  I was particularly impressed with the emissions results.  Remember, this is a non-cat car and she still managed 0.08% CO emissions (limit - 3.5%) and 68PPM particulates (limit 760PPM).  So it looks like the engine was a good one.

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