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Internal Mirror

I’ve always had a minor gripe about the rear-view mirror in the spider.  It is too small.  All other Alfas I’ve owned have had decent sized mirrors, essential in an Alfa obviously, to see the sullied masses trailing in one’s wake

So I decided to fit a spare one I had stashed away from a 75.  You can see the difference in size below.  And this isn’t really accurate either as the spider one is closer to the camera and is actually smaller than it appears here.


Old vs New


The only complication was that the mounting for the 75’s mirror was totally different to the original Spider one.  So I needed to remove the mounting arm from the original and attach it to the 75’s actual mirror housing.  Removing the 75’s mirror housing from its mounting arm is straight-forward as the metal ball on the back of the arm sits in a plastic socket.  This means that it can be popped out with relative ease.

The Spider’s though, is rather more involved as the socket is metal and won’t give up without a fight. 

You need to pop open the mirror assembly.  This is easy as it is plastic and snaps together held by four tabs: two top, two bottom. Then remove the glass and then the mirror.  This exposes the socket assembly.  This is a metal-plastic-metal sandwich held together by two rivets. 


Inside the mirror assembly 

Pop the whole socket assembly out of the mirror casing and drill out the two rivets.  Take the socket apart and you’re still left with the arm held captive by the back of the socket.  I just cut a slit in this with a ‘Dremel’ type tool to release the arm. [The ball you see here is from the 75.  It simply screws to the mounting arm which would make this job far simpler.  The Spider's, however, is a press/riveted setup.]

The back of the socket

Once you have the arm (complete with ball) free, you can simply pop it into the socket on the 75’s mirror casing.  Much better.

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